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user experience + interaction design
ěrgreen: mobile and desktop website redesign
intuitive design that works across platforms/deviced. Additional mobile optimization and reduction to the bare and logical essentials with extended services for the desktop site
{untitled}: creative service web presence
grid based layout with lightwindow style preview and recommendation engine
SesameVault: multi platform interface
web, mobile, console.. ubiiquitous device end point, interface design and strategy consulting for media storage, encoding, organization, HD distribution and publishing platform
8ddd: VJ software for live video manipulation
audio triggers and an openGL 3D engine for live video performance (download)
vst ui: interface
graphical user interface elements to compliment and enhance various hardware
obt: user interface research and deplyoment on several platforms
several patents and a ton of collaborative testing (under nda) project has evolved
autodesk flint flame inferno: batch icons redesign
visually analogous and ui friendly node icons to help navigate complex workflows.
technoir: audiovisual experience
interactive installation for live AV event syncronous to performances:
video artist: phantomvj, colordj, Ivan E., Bildstörung, Francois Chalet, Van Nuttt
sound: Seelenluft, Inflight live act, DJ Beda, DJ Plus, DJ Mewa
vidvox: vdmxx
intuitive user interfaces and plugin software for realtime performance software (downloads and source available upon request)
Celular Automata Painter: touch screen installaion (nyc/zh)
iinte/reactive digital painting application, based on and interacting with cellular automata. originally intended as an addition to the SquidBall motion capture gaming experiment, 'co.c.a.' is now a gestural touchscreen experience... with the aim of providing an aesthetically pleasing and fun interpretation of how cellular automata re/acts to human intervention/participation.
(download public preview, mov1, mov2)
software designs: practical tools with carefully crafted user interfaces
well received practical software, thoroughly tested for intuitive interaction


event + experience design
NYSE Motion reBrand: static and motion desktop content
branded multiplatform screen saver deployment and motion rebranding as well as static graphics for use across all of the company's internal s
Swiss Textiles Award Show: Massive HD LED Stage Backdrop
Adorning the back wall of the catwalk, the triangle laden vignettes played beautifully to the branding of the show and the different artitsts that competed.
NYSE Eutonext: dynamic animations + framework
large scale animation and worklflow delivery for continuous sposorship integration. presented continously on the CNN screen in TimesSquare to an audience of millions of people
Squidball: large crowd gaming experience
multiplayer motion capture gaming experiences and an interactive platform for high-energy, large-scale games, performed at Ars Electronica, Siggraph, ...

MoMA: permanent 9 screen informational display
display content design software and hardware consulting in conjunction with ImaginaryForces

Stella Fashion Show: Full Event Presentation Package
seven part four-minute show pieces for an immense screen, to be produced within five weeks? Sure, coming right up! .. Animated to soothing sounds and incorporating the show's talented, up and coming designers, stella (bellow) takes us on a cinematic and fantastic journey through dreamy settings and landscapes and enchants us with her stories
AMNH Hayden Planetarium: Journey to the Stars
visual effects for an 180° dome projection featuring extraordinary images from satelite images, stunning visualizations of physics-based simulations, the engrossing, immersive theater experience launches visitors through space and time to experience the life and death of the stars in our night sky, including our own nurturing Sun.
Stella Fashion Show: Title Sequence
a cycling gallery of diverse casting shots from several cities flowing in one direction, analogous to models walking on a catwalk and juxtaposed by oppositely floating titles, adorned all of this years fashion show screens
Winston: Mellow Red Lounge Atmosphere
market and client approved ambient visuals geared for distribution and performance for repeated events and several cities

TalentScreen Film Competition Event Package
Event Design Package, Show Openener, Loops, for the yearly short film festival
UnitedArchitects / ImaginaryForces (nl)
commisioned custom dual screen movie splitter for installation (download)
Hemisphere: Troy Children's Museum / RPI (ny)
software for hemispheric dome projection
sonic mercury installation
sound based video distortion research (ny)
flow: reactive installtion (ny)
interaction driven ambient video installation (source available upon request)



performance oriented design

performance showreel
the design heavy reel

Zimtstern 10 Year party (zh)
Maag Areal, Zurich: integrated multichannel live performance
Curits Blow / Scratchperverts

Ganier: Fructis @ Street Parade (zh)
event visuals for outdoor displays
several visual performances: DachKantine / Volts&Visions / event management / hive / private fiction / mu:ted / liquid nights / Toni Molkerei /

visual collabortations alongside several musicians:
dj Qbert
Asian Dub Foundation @ RoteFabrik
Alanis Morissette @ Maag
Fettes Brot
Sens Unik
Smash FX
jtsk3 + back from japan
technical setups:
from preproduced multichannel content display and live performance on 7-projector full dome video systems and large cinema screens, to integrated large venue performances on several huge and individually formatted screens, incorporating: several live cameras, dvj-x1's and diverse hardware, several computers, and a whole lot of planning. several technical collaborations with cheese and chocolate