sQuidball : siggraph electronic theater preshow

Squidball is a motion capture based crowd gaming experiences and an interactive platform for high-energy, large-scale, motion capture games. It debuted with audiences of 4,000+ at the SIGGRAPH Advanced Graphics Conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center, as pre-show entertainment for the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater. It was also the world's largest calibrated motion capture volume to date, approximately 3,200,000 cubic feet (90,000 cubic meters) and has since been enjoyed at the Brooklyn’s Bell House, at the NY Tech Meetup at Skirball Center and Ars Electronica.
The technologies involved were developed at the NYU Motion Lab and help from ITP with a fantastic team of collaborators, using Max/Jitter as the realTime graphics and audio generator, with data provided by the Vicon motion capture system and most importantly... helium-filled weather balloons in retroreflective jackets as the driving components / input devices for the game. The project holds several patents and is now in continuous exploration by the NYU Motion Lab : http://crowd2cloud.org/

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