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practical + logical and fun products, for the masses
software currently for OSX / also for Windows upon request

field monitor
leMon.ito_r was incepted as a laptop based field monitor for firewire based video cameras, to be used on set, replacing old, heavy and static equipment. Its strength is its simplicity, compatibility and input adjustability.
dynamic screen capturer
kApture is intended for the recording of user's interaction with desktop and web based interfaces and to bypass other application's video saving in/ability, such as the visualizers and web-media.
gamma adjuster and corrector
schwarzwald is usefull for performing overall or selective color adjustments, per screen. Its most usefull for performance based colortweaking, inverting and color level maximization; and uses almost not cpu power, as it targets the video card's output settings.
unobtrusive audio recorder
senti was created with the thought that an audiorecording device should not take up your whole screen, but still be easily accessible and visible.
screen area duplicator/replicator
usefull for selective replication/presentation for multiple screen setups
movie splitter
horizontal separation for two projector/screen setup
vertical upon request!
eight way media cutter
horizontal media dicer for.. well, you'll see...
generative and sound reactive mood colorizer
room.ania was created for spaces utilizing projectors or lcd monitors to ameliorate their ambience. Emphasis was placed on the acoustic adaptation and color interpretation thereof.
aquabakk is an ambient application, in that it is intended to be visually soothing and relaxing. Its visual state evolves based on it's base algorithms, meant to replicate narutal wave patterns.
generative drawing app
interactive and reactive digital painting application, based on cellular automata.
ref. coming soon
3D visualizer (beta)
performance software for live video manipulation, based on an openGL 3D engine, and centered around the idea of offering the user ubiquitous reactivity to audio input
in development
a graphic raindrop replicator
  autodesk flint flame inferno batch icons
a set of visually analogous and unobtrusive replacement icons to help distinguish nodes in complex workflows. [instructions]
an ingenious video deployment service for any video capable platform and device. designed to be simple, flexible and dynamic, by a great and humble team
superb VJ and live performance software, from a super group of programmers and ui designers.