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vw passat
psyop : tv & web ad

what do you get when a myriad of great ideas come together? painstaingly put together with the most amazing and dedicated team, there is no doubting this spots beauty and elegance

[flame co.lead]

samsung galaxy s
humble : digitas : web ad

how many things can you pack in one action filled day, and how many of those can your super phone help you with.. about 80%. our dashing actor manages to cram just about anything and everything in to a fast paced collage of orderly and gorgeously illustrated activities

[co.direction, design direction]

purina leash
massmarket : tv ad

dog food so good, not even your leash will be able to hold him back from bolting through the house to get a bite

[flame lead]

nyse euronext
time square / outdoor billboard ads

multiple format large scale animations for several screens in TimesSquare, seen daily by an audience of millions

[direction, creative]

charter vignettes
humble : tv ads

these energetic, colorful, fun icons and animation explode on to the screen in an attempt to allude to charter's service offerings

[direction, conceptual design]

humble : tv ads
the track is interpreted visually as a succession of fluids one drinks at a lazy saturday morning breakfast

[direction, creative]

ambient video collaboration with l'ascenseur

the track is interpreted visually as a succession of fluids one drinks at a lazy saturday morning breakfast

[direction, creative, photography]

charter comes to life
humble : tv ads

a charismatic 60's sean connery type draws objects in front of him and transforms them to fantastic and lively representations of charter's services, each exploding with colorful icons and relevant elements

[co.direction, art + vfx direction, design, interaction]

humble : art film

Homunculus is a dark and twisted fable of spontaneous generation and untrammeled id. Taking its title from the Latin word for "Little Human", the piece is an associative mashup between the two concepts behind the word: The first being middle-age alchemical beliefs that "little men" could be spontaneous generated from dead or decaying matter. The second being Carl Jung's usage as a personification of pure id. These ideas, combined with the love of Dutch still life's "beautiful decay," sowed the seeds for this unique little monster of a film.

[vfx direction, color correction, fun]

promax bda titles
favoritecolor : event opener

The events of a world seen from below get semalessly blended together to gradually reveal more and larger aspects of itself. Changes in context and perspective lead us to discover a very familiar setting.. familiar of course, to those in the broadcast industry.

Featured among others on the Stash 59 DVD

[art + vfx direction, conceptual design,]

stella fashion night
phantomcolor : fashion show presentation package

seven part four-minute show pieces for an immense 22m wide screen, to be concepted boarded and produced within five weeks? Sure, coming right up! .. Animated to soothing sounds and incorporating the show's talented, up and coming fashion designers, stella (pictured) takes us on a cinematic and fantastic journey through her dreamy settings and landscapes

[direction, conceptual design, story]

passion pit: the reeling
humble : music video

5000 sheets of paper; printed, glued, crumpled, ripped and torn, no wonder this video takes its shape from the worn away layers of street art, ads and flyers plastered around town. A few sublte vfx tricks and a ton of fun later, this video's unique style and refreshing sound is a pleasure to watch and a greater pleasure to have dabbled with.

2009 MTV Video Music Awards Breakthrough Video Nomination
Boards Magazine

[vfx, paper monster, masked avenger]

listen to yourself
pastelle : art film collaboration
dark, eerie and slightly unnerving, this piece constructed around the original composition by matteo taheri sets out to confront the idea of sound as an enlightening and uplifting medium

[vfx, sketches]

crystal light dancers
digital kitchen / ogilvy : tv and outdoor ads
three lovely ladies dance to the tune and joy of crystal light till their clothes start to dissapate in to exactly what they are dancing to the tune of.. ironic, aint it!

[chef, saucier, liquid beautician]

yeahh love
this 3rd snowlboard/lifestlye film features some of the worlds best snowboarding talents filmed around the globe and goes a few steps further by delivering another unique intro sequence and some unconventional and surprising visual effects

[vfx direction, animation]

fidelity screen grab
brand new school : tv ad
trading at home from your modern new england pad will be more exciting and somewhat of a workout in a few yeas. If only it would be so effortless and fun

[flame lead, art direction, interaction, 2nd cc]

bbc one neon
brand new school : tv ident
neon signs come to life, playfully breaking away from their static constraints, interacting with their surroundings and gathering for a vibrant fanfare.

[treatment, integration, flame lead, 2nd cc]

ritz open for fun
brand new school : tv ads
this is the inaugural spot in a new campaign for ritz. The spot shows blink-of-an-eye vignettes of fantastical ritz-induced fun. Masterfully directed, and wonderfully framed action await...

[compositing lead, 2nd cc]

chase freedom
brand new school : tv ad
a tight deadline, hd pipeline, demanding clients and many rendering hours ammounted to this rapid transformational journey through a variety of scenes, wherein a fiscally concious woman excercises her financial freedom..

[flame lead, retouches, color correction]

trident senses
stardust studios : tv ad
get swept up by a rush of unearthly chemicals, that truly take you by surprise to an atmosphere of silky smooth flavour made of ribbons and dissapating mist. This spot for the euro-latin market was painstakingly executed with some very enjoyable artists over in NY.

[treatment, integration, compositing lead, secondary cc]

dodge guitar uae
brand new school : tv ad
miniature cars slide their way on the surface of an enormous guitar, leaving tiretracks and retuning the freefloating rocking instrument

[flame magic]

1to1 energy
wiseguys : tv idents
these 3 spots for 1to1 energy show the unbelievably beautiful motions and player dynamics in slow motion and are intended to build up tension.. up to the last and each game's most crucial and decideing moment.. all this at 1000fps

[logo animation, compositing, primary color correction]

rudas studios / grey : tv ads
dreamy and mystical, the anniversary spot for the telephone provider has veronika walking on a bridge of water above the city lights

[treatment / look, compositing, retouches, secondary cc]

zurich financial airport
ultra images / publicis : outdoor installation ads
text animations emphasizing specific taglines, all asking 'what if ...' in various languages; and accetuated through dynamic animations, which are subsequently being displayed on 8.5x3.25 meter screens in the zurich airport

[creative, animation, dynamics programming]

public yeahh
yeahh productions : film
unconventional, quarky and immensly funny. this 16mm ride, featuring some of the alps' best snowboarding talents showing off also features something never before seen in a snowboard movie, or realityfor that matter

[vfx direction, animation]

crème d'or
ultra images / exxtra : tv ads
ice cream indeed. the story is more of a sexual escapade in the vacant streets of rome. several shots needed to be worked on, to acchieve the romantic / seductive ambience

[flame lead, vfx r&d, secondary color correction]

SF2 station id
ultra images / eqal : broadcast branding ident
clean, sharp, edgy and part of the swiss tv station id rebranding, these visually delighting id's were directed by michel comte, and feature diverse prominent swiss figures

[compositing, retouches, secondary color correction]

ultra images : independent
photographs sequentially arranged and painted to revealing subsequent images through a process similar to scratching

[concept, photography, painting, animation]

bailey's mondrian
ultra images : print based ad
derived from the bailey's print campaign, this motion piece, explodes beyond the boundry's of its inspiration, in to a fully animated painting, in a style liking to that of Mondrian, and concluding in to a full still of the print camaign

[concept, motion design, animation]

plus et plus : art film

contribution to Die Gestalten published 'Brasil Inspired' screened at Resfest. a fantastic dance of carnaval with an abstract and living costume that interacts with the dancer, reflecting the spirit of brasilidade

[main animator: modeling, texturing, lighting, animation]

dodge nitro
ultra images / assai : tv and outdoor ad
one week to produce a spot with the dodge nitro traversing an ekg landcape... sure, no problem! the nitro makes its way through a stylishly dynamic urban and provincial landscape, swiftly arriving to a cheering audience

[direction, conceptual design]

zurich financial bumpers
ultra images / publicis : tv ads
animations using the 'zurich ball' as a reference for a car, an atom and the earth. slick, short and actionpacked

[creative, animation, compositing]

volvo zipper
plus et plus : tv ad
commercial campaign concept for Volvo through Messner/Euro RSCG. using cars as graphic pixels to communicate the different qualities of volvo's cars.. safety, luxury and sexiness

[prinicpal animator: modeling, texturing, lighting, animation]

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